Online Reputation Specialist Discusses the Value of Improving a Site’s Crawl Frequency

JW Maxx Solutions is an experienced online reputation management specialist and is taking time out to share tips on how to improve the crawl frequency of a new or an established website. This information will be helpful for those wanting Google to index content of any kind such as blog posts, promotional releases and infographics appearing on a website. The useful tips listed below include some of the best ways to invite the google bot to visit and re-visit a site often. Additionally, learn how to get the new pages on a site indexed as soon as possible.

Use Google+ to Share Novel Content

Whether you are an individual trying to promote your website and blogs or a small e-commerce business, establish an account on Google+. Since Google+ is a social platform directly operated and owned by Google, your data will be accessed quicker in comparison to any other social site or bookmarking service. One of the speedier ways to utilize Google+ is to share the URLs on your Google+ profile. Check it out with friends who are on Google+ and see how they use it.

Sustain Frequent Posting

Activity trends on a website are measured by bots, and research studies point out that websites which are updated frequently will enjoy more crawling from the google bot. For example, on a website that gets updated 50 times daily, the google bot will crawl more often compared to a site that only gets updated once per week. Sometimes, even small changes will help increase a website’s crawl rates.

JW Maxx Solutions and its staff of online reputation specialists recommend trying out these tips in the New Year.